Feb 24, 2010

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Mad Jack's Shack

A longtime fixture on local bulletin boards and a friend of mine, the one and only Mad Jack, has finally started his own blog. Follow this link to Mad Jack's Shack to read the acerbic prose and political polemics of this code-cruncher-turned-author.

Mad Jack jealously guards his identity, and only red-hot fireplace irons in my eyeballs could get me to divulge his real name. Luckily for Jack I also wear thick spectacles.


Mad Jack said...

Lucky for me you're gainfully employed, least any ne'er do well with a sawbuck could learn my true identity.

Thanks for the plug, HistoryMikePhD.

SensorG said...

Too funny, I thought it said "Mad Jack's Sack" - which would be a whole different kind of blog I'm thinking.

Vintage Rings said...

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