Mar 7, 2010

Brief Comments Interruption

This blog is currently being attacked by either a spambot or a really persistent idiot from China. I'll turn the comments back on in an hour or so, but I am inundated with deleting several dozen spam comments and I am irritated by watching the inbox fill up with more messages from this jackass from IP address originating from HiNet Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.


historymike said...

OK, comments back on. Let's see if Mr. Spamalot has left the blog. The idiot dropped over 50 identical spam comments with links to Chinese porn sites on my blog, and it was like virtually cleaning up after someone with full-blown cholera.

Mad Jack said...

Watch my sister, Tongue Chow! She knows 79 different positions and only nine of them do not involve farm animals! Only three of them are not immoral!

Maybe I'd better go and check my own in box.