Mar 15, 2010

Detroit Metro's Cell Phone Lots

While driving eastbound on Eureka Road past Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) the other day I came across a sign that initially did not make sense to me. I snapped a picture with my camera and went about my business, waiting until today to research what exactly constitutes a cell phone lot.

It turns out that a cell phone lot is a place somewhat removed from the busy areas of the airport where people can wait until the party they want to pick up is ready and at the curb outside the terminal. This innovation seems focused on two goals: the reduction of congestion and increased terminal security.

Thus, you can sit in your car and listen to music while waiting for flight arrivals, while Homeland Security types have fewer vehicles to scrutinize. Of course, people sitting at the unattended cell phone lot needs to be cognizant of personal safety while they ponder, say, the purchase of a safe fat burner, but I suppose one could get mugged just about anywhere these days.


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