Mar 30, 2010

First Crocus of Spring

First crocus of the spring, a striped purple crocus flower with a yellow stamenThe other day I documented the first flower of spring in my backyard, which was a purple violet. Today I noticed the first crocus to bloom in my yard, a single striped purple flower with a bright yellow stamen.

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the croci (or is it crocuses) since last fall, when I planted over a hundred of these bulbs.I opted to follow my wife's suggestion, which was to spread the crocus bulbs around the yard in a randomized pattern. I previously wanted to bunch the bulbs in geometric rows and recognizable patterns, but I lost that landscaping debate.

Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope that the crocus blossoms are hardy enough to withstand the force associated with the running feet of canines.


Middle Aged Woman said...

Okay, I know your wife, and I'm sure it's not the only debate you have lost. The pistil is pretty smokin' yellow, too!

Mad Jack said...

It's crocuses. You would have had them earlier if you'd have left some dead leaves over them.

As for geometric patterns, forget it. I learned never to even try that argument, which is based on order. Rather than beat your head against the wall, think of chaos and random order. She'll be happier.

The Video Store Blog said...

The bloom looks pretty extraordinary. Can you save the bulbs of these after the blooms wilt?

Sarade said...

Once upon a time I planted crocus bulbs in my own pattern, but then the squirrels created a new pattern from mine and they picked and chose which bulbs to eat!