Mar 29, 2010

Local Business Profile: Auto Connection


Living as I do in the middle of the American Rust Belt, whenever possible I like to patronize and promote local businesses. "Local Business Profile" is an occasional feature on this site in which I use this blog to highlight quality Toledo-area businesses. Have a suggestion for a future profile? Email me at .

I have been a regular customer at Toledo's Auto Connection for the better part of two decades now. The company has four Toledo-area locations and specializes in mufflers, brakes, and suspension work.

Originally I started using Auto Connection's location at Sylvania and Douglas out of convenience, as my old business office was right across the street at DeVeaux Village. Yet quickly I learned that the folks who run Auto Connection are honest business operators, and I exclusively take my cars to them for exhaust work because I know they will not rip me off. Between the money saved at a quality repair shop like Auto Connection and the cash one could save from shopping for cheap car insurance, a person could sock away quite a chunk of savings.

One time I drove up a car with an exhaust that sounded as loud as a diesel semi-trailer, and I expected to spend $150 or so on a new exhaust system. Instead, the manager explained that I really only needed a doughnut gasket, and after a mere 20 minutes and $20 I was back on the road.

I would bet that the counterman at one of the national chains would not have hesitated to sell me a tail pipe and muffler that I did not need. However, the guys at Auto Connection have always demonstrated a willingness to keep the costs down and bank instead on repeat business, which is probably why they have been around for so many decades.

I know that I have referred many friends and family members to Auto Connection, and if you are in need of quality exhaust, brake, or suspension work, look no further than the Auto Connection.

Oh, and I just returned from yet another positive experience with Auto Connection today, which is what prompted me to write this post. Excellent work, men!


Middle Aged Woman said...

For twenty years I took my car-related business to Feinn Tire on Plymouth Road, for similar reasons. The original owner sold the business a couple years ago, and my first time in the door, they tried to screw me. But one of the guys I knew, Kenny, was still there and stopped it from happening. Once he left, I left, too.

There's an oil change place I go too, and my favorite employee there started changing the miles on the sticker to 5K, since all my driving was highway driving, and I was using a synthetic blend. Then his boss gave him crap about it. It really ticked me off, but now the stickers say 3K.

Molly said...

Thanks! Car repair recommendations are worth their weight in gold! (however much gold that would be.) I could put together a whole long list of places I will never return to...

steve said...

I love autoconnection! When I had my old accord, I had to replace the exhast from the manifold back, most quoted 400 plus (in 1998), auto connection 225 and the replacement exhaust outlived the car. They recently replaced the down tube off the manifold on my wifes saturn, which required hoisting the engine and transaxle a bit 109 Dollars and only about 30 minutes!! I blew a brake line on my truck last summer and limped brakeless (emergency brake) to autoconnection. He replaced the hardline from the front manifold all the way to the rear axle. He noticed that both lines that split off at the rear axle to the pistons were crushed, so he measured and replaced both those and bled all 4 brakes for no extra cost! I whole heartedly support autoconnection. I just wish they did more than exh brakes and suspension. BTW, my wife went there with her saturn alone and the didn't try to finagle her or talk down to her because she's a woman.