Mar 31, 2010

On Playing Hooky for a Few Hours

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After waking this morning I went to check my email and noticed that the mail website would not work, and joining the mail website was my primary work platform. After a few minutes of refreshing, reloading, and clearing various caches, I decided I would wait out what appeared to be a significant outage.

Perhaps the temporary down time was a mixed blessing, though: I woke up in a groggy state of mind not particularly conducive to writing, thinking, or grading. I then spent the next few hours in a state of not-work, or at least not-work-work.

I cleaned up the yard, finished the dishes, threw some laundry in the washer, played with the dogs, and even killed time reading while in the hammock. Instead of my normal anxiety when the Internet is down, I worked on a variety of nagging chores that in their own way cluttered my mind.

And when normalcy returned to the Web, my morning ended up being much more productive than it looked to be when the Web sat silent.

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steve said...

Instead of cleaning, You could have gone here:

You've probably seen this website, but if you havn't, it's great for people who love words! The best part is the graph that traces the history of a particular word's usage per 1,000,000 words. I looked up apoplexy and was saddened that the usage of that particular word peaked around 1825, and is well on it's way to extinction.