Mar 2, 2010

A Texting While Driving Story

Simulated texting while driving do not try this at home kidsSimulated texting while driving - do not try this at home, kids

While driving southbound on I-75 today on my way to my office hours at Bowling Green State University, I came upon a driver in the left lane whose behavior could best be described as "erratic." The female driver was weaving a bit in the lane and driving at varied speeds.

70... weave... 55... weave... 70... that sort of thing.

I finally got annoyed enough to pass her on the right side, making sure to provide a wide berth to avoid being on the receiving end of one of her swerves. As I passed I noticed that the driver's head was down and she was committing the act of texting while driving. One wonders what could possibly be so important to cause a driver to text while driving; I suspect it was some personal drama involving a significant other, but there would be irony if the driver was checking out free insurance quotes on her cell phone.

I will save the pontificating about the dangers of this activity for another post, but I happened to catch a view of the vehicle in my rear view mirror as we approached a curve in the highway past the Luckey-Haskins exit. The driver did not notice that the road was curving, and she hit the gravel shoulder at about 65 mph.

Lurch left. lurch right, skid left, skid right.

I thought I was about to watch this smaller SUV go into an out-of-control roll, but the driver managed to get her vehicle straightened out at the last second. This could have been luck, skill, or divine intervention, but somehow a potentially fatal accident was avoided.

So to you texting drivers out there: take note. This was a near miss, and I am documenting the event with the hope that just one texting driver wakes up. For the rest of us: keep your eyes open and assume the worst in every driver you encounter, as defensive paranoia while driving is still the best way to avoid accidents.


Anonymous said...

Think gene pools and improvement of the human species!!! Let them text I say!!

Mad Jack said...

Turn on your dash cam and pass the footage to the Ohio State Highway Patrol - right after you post it on YouTube.

People like that drive me to distraction. I this dumbbell wants to kill herself, there are simpler methods that do not inconvenience people as would an auto accident on the expressway. Why not choose a fall from a high place, or a .45 slug through the cranium? Just inconsiderate of others, I guess. Her parents are probably the same way.

historymike said...


While I understand the sentiment, I disagree that the human race is better off when every impulsive person dies. I probably would be dead a hundred times over if this were my fate for every reckless act in which I engaged.

I am getting better as I age, though, or maybe I am just losing my taste for thrill-seeking.

historymike said...

Interesting idea about a dash-cam, MadJack. I suspect I could have enough material for a blog post five days a week just by driving around 30 minutes a day and documenting highway idiocy.

(mulls over idea)

Anonymous said...

My only sibling almost died within the past year due to a texting while driving incident.

I suppose all of the horrendous pain and the month long hospital stay still seem "lucky" when compared to death.