Apr 1, 2010

Record-Setting 80 Degrees in Northwest Ohio

The morning weather report called for temperatures in the high 70s today, but according to the unofficial temperature recorded at Brooks Weather Central in Toledo we cracked 80 degrees today. This should eclipse the previous high for April 1 of 79 degrees, set back in 1986.

I found the warm winds blowing from the southwest to be a distraction to indoor work, and when my laptop froze on the BIOS screen, I decided this was a cue to work outdoors. I shoveled dirt, pulled weeds, cleaned up debris, and otherwise engaged myself until my laptop stopped screwing around.

Alas: it took several more boots to fire up, but the laptop did indeed start working again, and I managed to get the beginnings of a tan outside.

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Middle Aged Woman said...

I did the same thing...sans the wonky laptop. I didn't need an excuse to get out in the warm! The buds are getting ready to pop on the trees. Can't wait for green.