May 31, 2010

Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal

(Montreal, QC) Pictured on your left is an image from the interior of the beautiful Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal. We attended Mass at the basilica on Saturday evening, and then returned for a light and sound show entitled "And Then There Was Light" later that evening.

The priest delivered the Mass in French, and I was surprised at my low level of linguistic comprehension. I play around a bit with French, and I can usually discern the meaning of phrases and short passages based on my familiarity with other Latin languages, but of course spoken French takes a different set of skills and practice routines than written French. Still, I was at least able to figure out most of the times at which the congregation was expected to stand, sit, or kneel, and the "Amen" while receiving the Eucharist is pretty much a universal response.


Mad Jack said...

This is an outstanding photo, Mike. Nice work.

historymike said...

Thanks, Jack - I was lucky with the lighting, as this was shot on the Auto setting and involved no skill on my part beyond cropping.