May 18, 2010

Great Foster Dog Seeking a Forever Home

Foster dog named Shadow, a terrier mix with Planned Pethood Every once in a while a dog we are fostering simply does not get adopted, despite the fact that said pooch is a lovable canine friend. Such is the case with Shadow, who is pictured on your left, and he has been with us for over two months.

Shadow is a 4-1/2-year-old terrier mix who was surrendered by his elderly former owner after her living circumstances changed. Shadow is a quiet and friendly little dog who quickly warms up to new people, and I am utterly puzzled as to why this handsome fellow has not been adopted. In fact, Shadow has yet to have a single application placed for him, which is pretty rare for a well-behaved small dog (sometimes larger breeds like retrievers can go many weeks without an application, but smaller breeds tend to be adopted quickly).

As you might imagine, Shadow has completely become relaxed in his foster home, and he no longer exhibits a fearful demeanor. He follows me around the house the entire day, and it is clear that this is a loyal little dog who just loves being around people.

If I may say so, Shadow is the perfect little companion: he is housebroken, calm, and hilarious. He is fine around children, cats, and other dogs, and he is easily one of the coolest foster dogs we have ever rescued. He would probably thrive best in a house with a lighter activity level, such as with an older couple or in a home where the only "children" that remain are of the pet variety.

To learn more about adopting Shadow, or if you want to financially contribute to Planned Pethood's mission to rescue dogs and cats in Northwest Ohio, visit the Planned Pethood website for more information.

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