May 20, 2010

Lawn Job Vandals in West Toledo

While walking through my neighborhood with my wife this evening, I saw the destructive results of a vehicle that had been intentionally driven across at least four lawns last night. The lawns I noticed were all on corner lots, and the lawn vandal drove perilously close to the homes of the people whose lawns were vandalized.

The disturbing aspect of this vandalism is the seemingly random nature of the idiocy, as the houses were spread out over a three-block area. The driver of the vehicle chose an opportune moment to strike, given the fact that four of the past five days have featured heavy rains.

Unfortunately for the homeowners, there will be some significant labor involved in repairing the damage. It also disturbs me that my once-quiet middle class neighborhood increasingly endures this type of senseless stupidity, as idiotic as a person using up all the color printing cartridges to print test images.

Were this a single house I might write off the lawn vandalism as a single act by a drunken driver, but it is clear that the driver of the car went out of his way to target all these houses (I am assuming that this was teenagers on a bender of destruction). I also felt sad for the elderly woman at one of the houses who I see tending her gardens and lawn, as she has quite a bit of work (or expense) ahead of her.

Karma, as they say, is something of a fickle vixen, and I trust that the vandalism meted out by the idiots comes back threefold.


TLM0000 said...

I live on a corner in West Toledo and over the years all four corners have put some type of fence or other dissuading barricade up. It is very unnerving to wake up to tire tracks feet from your front window.
Stupid Kids! Get off my lawn!

Mad Jack said...

The city of Sylvania planted small trees in the Lincoln woods neighborhood to dissuade this behavior, which works fairly well. I've only seen a few instances of tracks on the lawn over the past five years. One fellow in the Flanders road area was dismayed by this kind of behavior and arranged an ornamental rock formation where it would do the most good. Sure enough, he found his formation disturbed along with antifreeze and oil stains on the rocks. The police asked him to take it down, which he did - but that was the last time he had a problem.