May 6, 2010

Potluck Cookout to Support Keith Sadler and Toledo Foreclosure Defense League

Addendum, May 7: the arrest of Keith Sadler and his supporters has brought about a change in the planned potluck dinner. It has been relocated to the United Christian Fellowship Community Center in Bowling Green, OH, which is located at 313 Thurston St. Do NOT go to the foreclosed home, as you will likely face arrest for trespassing.

Passing along information from a flyer forwarded to me by supporters of Keith Sadler and the Toledo Foreclosure Defense League. There will be a cookout this Friday, May 7 at the house in which Keith and six activists are barricaded.

The sponsors of the cookout encourage people facing foreclosure (or those who have been evicted from their homes) to bring their stories and perhaps a dish to share. The potluck dinner will be from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the house, which is located at 5947 Fremont Pike in Stony Ridge, OH. If you are traveling via Interstate 75, exit at US-20/23 and drive east about six miles. The house is located at the corner of Fremont Pike and East Broadway.

And for all you angry folks who have posted on this blog or emailed me your ravenous desires to see Keith and his supporters dragged off to jail and/or mercilessly hammered by the Wood County Sheriff's S.W.A.T. team, maybe you will get lucky that day.

Or perhaps you might spend a few minutes and talk peacefully with everyday people who are concerned about the American foreclosure crisis.

It's up to you; just remember I am only passing along information on this blog, and that my own political views do not necessarily coincide with those of the Toledo Defense Foreclosure League. I have mostly been writing about this topic because it interests me on a human level, and if you have issues about something one of the activists said, you might take it up with them.

Of course, it is much easier to fire off a bunch of anonymous violence-laden rantings as a member of the American Keyboard Commando Brigade than to actually take a drive and meet these folks face-to-face, or - God forbid - you start your own blog and publish your words like a person with some cajones.


Terijian said...

Well said.
Thanks again for being a real journalist. I say this not because of any real or perceived support you give us, but because you seem dedicated to the FACTS. When I get out of this barricaded house I want to buy you a beer, or a mineral water or whatever.

historymike said...

Thanks, Terijian.

I think my obsession with facts lies in part in my training as a historian, though some argue that journalism is the "first draft" of history.

I certainly support what Keith is doing from the perspective that it is forcing people to think about the foreclosure crisis, and it is evident from the relatively high volume of site visits and post comments that the actions of Keith and TFDL are making a real impact on awareness of the problem.

And I support Keith in the sense that he is at the end of the proverbial line in his family's home, and I empathize with the sorrow he must feel at having to lose his house. A person gets intimately connected to a home, and being disconnected (figuratively and literally) from the center of a person's history is traumatic.

Unfortunately, the foreclosure crisis is so politicized right now that many readers assume that just because I choose to stop by the house and talk with people for a couple of hours I am a DIRTY COMMUNIST MENACE or something. While I likely disagree with Keith's views on any number of issues, I know that his heart is in the right place, and the people who denounce him as a freeloader or deadbeat simply know nothing about this generous man.

But of course it is easier to shout mindless mantras like COMMIE SCUM rather than taking a minute to talk with Keith or stop by and chat with the activists. In addition, by joining the mindless herd and placing all the blame for the foreclosure crisis on the defaulting homeowners, people do not have ask unsettling questions about the structural problems in modern American hypercapitalism.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww it's a lefty lovefest!!! You make me want to puke, Brooks. "Facts" ? You wouldn't know a fact if it bit you on you liberal crybaby ass. How about the "fact" that Sadler doesn't pay his bills? How about the "fact" that bank stocks are owned by hardworking peoiple? No, don't be bothered with those "facts" , just cry with your lazy lefist pals!!!

Bryan said...

Anonymous - I don't know which is worse, your pathetic lack of understanding of the real world lives of real human beings or your callous meanness towards persons fallen victim to the scams of those who should be more responsible with other peoples money. I believe the worst thing is that I have met many like you whose minds are closed to human suffering and hide behind misguided notions of faith in the integrity of those who guide and destroy the economic system of the United States with their irresponsibility and personal greed.