May 27, 2010

Traffic Enforcement Alert: Interstate 75 in Michigan on Memorial Weekend

A quick tip to anyone driving Interstate 75 through southern Michigan this Memorial Day weekend: Michigan State Police troopers are out in droves. I made a trip up to Detroit today, and on each leg of the journey I saw at least six state police vehicles on the freeway between the Ohio border and Telegraph Road, a span of about 35 miles.

This works out to a traffic-focused police vehicle every six miles or so (assuming I noticed every vehicle), and this does not count the local departments who are also likely gearing up to cash in on the increased traffic due to the holiday. Thus, if you are not desirous of a speeding ticket (the cheapest speeding fine in Michigan is $90 plus court costs) then I suggest you slow down.

In years past I would have chalked up this extra activity to concerns about safety, but in 30 years of driving on I-75 I have never seen so much concerted police enforcement activity. Methinks the state of Michigan will put a small dent in the ongoing budget deficit this weekend.


Dragon Management said...

Don't you feel served and protected?

historymike said...


I have been much better about watching my speed the last decade or so of my driving career, and in large measure this is due to the hassle and expense of dealing with tickets, Dragon Management.