Jun 1, 2010

Department of Unwritten Captions: Café Arsenik

(Montréal, QC) First a disclaimer: the Café Arsenik is a very real restaurant, and this is not PhotoShopped faux-tography. The Café Arsenik is attached to the Montréal Science Centre, and the food offerings are surprisingly tasty for a place with such a sinister-sounding name. Unfortunately the friendly-but-Francophile Québécois behind the counter only knew about 50 words of English, and my attempts to discern the name choice did not bear fruit.

Still, the Café Arsenik's name is also ripe for parody and satire, not to mention humorous captions. Feel free to offer suggestions in the Comments section of the demented uses for the name "Café Arsenik" that come to mind, though acne products reviews might be a rhetorical stretch.


Mad Jack said...

Teddy says the new lock is ready...

So, did you eat there? Are you still with us? Mike? Mike?!

Jason said...

Clearly, it's next to the Old Lace Antique Store.

historymike said...


ZYes, I ate at Le Café Arsenik, but only prepackaged items. No ill effects noted.

historymike said...

First place goes to Jason for captioning, with a special mention to MadJack. Collect prizes at Swampbubbles.com.