Jun 14, 2010

Highly Recommended - Computer Renaissance of Toledo

Folks in the Toledo area who have computer problems should consider Computer Renaissance for technical expertise. I was quite impressed with the speed and service that the techies at Computer Renaissance provided, as they replaced my failing hard drive within two days. In fact, if I had provided them with my cellular number instead of my home phone number (I missed their call Friday afternoon) I could have had my machine back within 24 hours.

Prior to this encounter, I was unaware that Computer Renaissance is a chain of computer specialists, though I should qualify this statement by adding that these are independently owned franchises. However, unlike other chain computer repair operations, like Best Buy's useless Geek Squad, these are hardcore geeks who can tackle any repair the customer needs. Best Buy told us this would be a three-week endeavor with shipping back to a Toshiba repair center, which is completely unacceptable for someone like me who derives his living in large measure from the Internet.

Fair prices, fast service, and knowledgeable geeks: what more could a person want from a computer repair specialist?

And a word of advice to anyone reading this: we opted to reload our own software to save a few bucks, but in my opinion this aggravation is well worth a technician's time if you are not cash-starved. I have spent about ten hours of my time (with the requisite mistakes and snafus that required extra research) getting my machine back to pre-Armageddon status, time that could have been spent more productively on my end. I suspect that a techie would have spent less than a third of that, and that person would have probably been jumping back and forth between repair jobs while everything loaded.


TLM0000 said...

As a fellow customer and an employees monther, I concur!

TLM0000 said...

or I also sometimes referred to as a "mother". :)

mark smith said...

i have seen a lot of websites offering All In One Computer but I have never seen that suited my taste.