Jun 16, 2010

Refilled HP Ink Cartridges

Left: fresh out-of-the-box refilled HP ink cartridge

As much as I try to print all my university-related documents when I am at a university printer, inevitably I end up using my own printer ink to print out papers that students email me. Thus, I am cost conscious and desirous of reducing the amount of money I spend on printing, and my wife suggested today that I check out OfficeMax for refilled printer cartridges.

Now, we have filled our own cartridges at home in the past with mixed success, but this is a rather messy process and not all printer cartridges lend themselves well to home-based refilling. I was pleasantly surprised to find that OfficeMaz offers the refilled HP 74 black ink cartridge I needed at less than half the cost of a new HP cartridge.

HP provides a ton of statistics as to why a new HP cartridge is cheaper than a refilled cartridge, but of course they are in the business of selling replacement cartridges. I am interested in hearing your thoughts on refilled ink cartridges, so feel free to leave them in the Comments section.

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TOM said...

I tried getting a Lexmark cartridge refilled at Walgreens about 2 years ago. Much less than half the cost, but the ink came back teal.

This cartridge was color and black ink combined, and around $30 in stores.

Now I've replaced my lexmark, and print everything at UT.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks! The black cartridge just ran out the other day.

peter jazz said...
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historymike said...

Oh, spammers:

I warned you in the post I would be deleting link spam, but of course you probably didn't even read the entry.

Go away.

Anonymous said...

I've had good luck with Cartridge World, which I believe is a line of independently owned franchises focusing on refilling ink. We used them personally when our mini-printer (intended for a laptop bag) ran out of color and black ink - I think it was a total of about $5 to get them both refilled, and they worked perfectly. I've also sent countless customers over there, and I'll go with the 'no news is good news' policy on that one - Haven't heard a single complaint! When they told us our cartridge would be done by the end of the day and they ended up running late on it, they called us offering us free delivery of it since we were close by, which I thought was amazingly considerate and well out of the spectrum of what I'd expect.