Jun 9, 2010

Reporting Malware to Google

While engaging in some Internet research yesterday, I clicked on a site that tried to upload malware and viruses to my laptop. Fortunately my antivirus licked in and protected my computer, but I was pissed that the site so cleverly disguised itself as a legitimate academic site, as I tend to pride myself on my ability to look at search summaries and URLs to avoid such virtual garbage.

While pondering my options after the attack I mentioned to a friend the incident, and this person said: "Hey - Google has a malware/evil website for reporting such nonsense." Sure enough, Google does indeed have a site to report malicious software delivered by websites, and the form is quite simple: just enter the URL, enter a CAPTCHA code, and briefly explain the nature of the malware problem.

I am not sure about the effectiveness of the tool to date, but keep this in mind the next time some malevolent site designer tries to jack your computer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I found the site, but have been unable to use it because the Captcha code comes up as an unknown image type. Useless, useless, useless.