Jun 30, 2010

A Tale of Theaters and Malignant Egos

My wife and I took a break yesterday from our routines and drove to Maumee's Rave Motion Pictures Maumee 18 to see Iron Man 2 (mini-review: a few laughs, lots of stuff blows up, about what you'd expect from a comic-turned-film, and I give it a B-minus). Just off to our side in the theater was a sixty-something couple, and the man was chatting loudly as the film began.

Mr. Talkative continued to keep a running commentary during the film, which normally is a source of annoyance to me. However, the guy was so over the top with his banter that it was almost funny: he read on-screen billboards and newspaper headlines, offered guesses as to what would next happen in the film, and engaged in a lot of "that reminds me of the movie where..."

Now, this encounter probably would not have merited a blog post were it not for what we witnessed upon exiting the theater. The well-dressed man, who looked a bit like Bill O'Reilly of FOX News, wandered away from his female companion, and the woman sat down on a bench for a moment. Mr. Talkative, in an effort to hurry his female companion along, loudly snapped his fingers.


This was not just an effort to get her attention, though: the woman positively jumped and obediently walked right to his side in an almost Pavlovian reaction to the finger snaps.

I was astounded, and I cannot remember the last time I saw a human being exert such public control over another person. I turned to my wife, and luckily she witnessed the same events I just described. This was such a bizarre scene that people would think I was exaggerating when I inevitably recount the tale, and I have a living witness to the egotistical boorishness of Mr. Talkative (perhaps he now deserves to be called "Mr. Jackass" or "Mr. Neanderthal" now).

I felt a bit sorry for the woman, who looked a bit embarrassed at being snapped to attention. However, as both parties were in their sixties, she probably couldn't change the relationship even if she wanted to, and she likely prefers a dysfunctional relationship over being alone.

And Mr. Talkative? You are just a jerk, sir.


Mad Jack said...

He's not a jerk; he's an abuser.

Anonymous said...

Mad Jack - totally agree with your assessment. He made the movie all about himself by his commentary, then showed his "control" over the woman. Been there, got out of that!!

Anonymous said...

In my house I would have lost the two snapping fingers and probably two of something else. What an incredible jack-ass. How were you able to keep your mouth shut?