Jul 27, 2010

Baby Cardinal

While working in my gardens this afternoon, I noticed a cardinal darting in and out of a stand of sunflowers. I initially brought out the camera to catch an image of the red cardinal against the yellow sunflowers, but instead my eye became fixated upon the source of the cardinal's attentions: a baby cardinal was perched on one of the sunflower stalks. Either that, or the cardinal found the spot amenable to WiFi, and he was surfing the Internet for information on a wholesale water filter.


I am not sure if the bird is yet able to fly, but I decided to bring my dogs inside to keep them from investigating the young chick's peeps. The dogs have a fondness for rousting birds, and my younger Puggle - whose name is Chauncey - likes to stalk birds and squirrels. I hope that my young avian friend will find safe passage to either adulthood or at least out of my yard.


Mad Jack said...

Excellent picture! I don't think I've ever seen a picture of a young cardinal. He's likely just learning to fly and will take very short flights from one perch to another.

historymike said...

I think that is just what happened, Mad Jack, as the baby cardinal disappeared after an hour or so, and my pooches were nowhere near the scene of the missing bird.