Jul 15, 2010

Department of Tele-Annoyance: Robo-Calls from 419-318-1970

Over the past few days my landline has been ringing incessantly with telephone calls from a Sylvania, OH number. The number in question is 419-318-1970, and the calls contain a recorded message asking for participation in a political survey related to the November election.

The calls have been coming in at all sorts of hours, ranging from as early as 9:11 AM and as late as 8:56 PM. By my estimation the obnoxious idiots who programmed this robo-call operation have sent at least seven calls to my house over the last three days, and the number may be higher if some of the calls did not get recorded on the caller ID device (I sometimes pick up faster than the machine can recognize an incoming call).

The tele-bastards also seem to have a sixth sense for when I am trying to concentrate on writing or grading. Quite a few of these calls have disrupted me in the middle of something that requires the full usage of my already dubious intellectual powers, resulting in a flurry of expletives from me as I see that the asshats are calling again.

To the tele-imbeciles who annoy me: I am a firm believer in karma, and I have little doubt that your incessant pestering of private phone lines is going to bring about a heavy downpour of negative karma upon your heads.

In the meantime: go away. Now.


Mad Jack said...

Have you tried calling the number? I ran a reverse look up and it's listed as unpublished. I suppose that if the phone company won't give up the address we could go to plan B: Enlist the aid of a few friends and begin demon dialing the number until some fool answers.

Anonymous said...

they have been calling at dinner tine for a week calls are comming from erie st in sylvania ohio i will know more later it is a residence. one way to call them back is have the operator dial it for you it will go threw they are subscribed to level 3 communications who have a office in toledo