Jul 4, 2010

Double Petal Ditch Lily

Regular readers of this blog know my fascination with the common plant known by the scientific name of Hemerocallis fulva. Around these parts these lilies are known as either "tiger lilies" or "ditch lilies," depending I suppose on the mindset of the gardener.

Pictured on your left is a variety of the common tiger lily that appeared a few years ago in my yard. The blossoms have twice as many petals as a regular tiger lily, and there is a frilly edge to the petals that is more eye-catching than those found on standard tiger lilies. The flowers also boast a bright red streaking in the petals, giving these lilies even more aesthetic appeal.

These double petal lilies begin to bloom a few weeks after the rest of my tiger lilies appear, which in this year was on June 9. I am not sure if this type of lily is a separate species or just a variant on the strain, but I put most of my thought into simply appreciating their beauty.

1 comment:

flask said...

and let's not forget fritters.

they make excellent fritters.

and if you like hot-and-sour soup (who doesn't?)that long thin pale vegetable? daylillies!

i only mention it because after a previous comment about the edibility of your other lillies, you said you hadn't thought of them as food.

what could be better? nutritious food that's super pretty in the garden? bonus!