Jul 1, 2010

New Hammock

One of my favorite pastimes (and one I unfortunately do not make enough effort to do) is to kick back and relax in the hammock. This afternoon my trusty old hammock finally bit the proverbial dust, and we ventured out to procure a new hammock.

My wife, every the savvy shopper, located a two-person hammock at one of the local department stores, and we also invested in a new support system to replace the weathered synthetic marine mooring lines we hoisted up some years ago. The new setup ran about $100, and I had to promise to put the hammock away after summer.

Joining me on the new hammock is Shadow, a terrier mix that we were fostering with Planned Pethood. After about four months and only one application (not a good match), we ended up adopting Shadow ourselves. He is a smart, loyal, and friendly little guy who integrated himself so completely into our house that we couldn't imagine him living anywhere else.

The mosquitoes finally drove us from our hanging reverie, but we will be spending at least an hour or two on the hammock this holiday weekend, while I will be spending zero time contemplating the best eye cream for dark circles.

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