Jul 21, 2010

On Color-Coordinated Gardens

In something akin to a happy accident, one of my shade gardens happened to become awash with pink hues this week. The sources of pinkness in this image are Phlox paniculata (summer phlox) and Echinacea purpurea (Eastern purple coneflower).

The sudden changing of the colors sparked a thought in my head, which was that it might be possible to design a garden that changed colors every few weeks. If I planted perennials of similar colors that bloomed about the same time, I could theoretically synchronize a color show in certain areas of my yard.

To do so would require me to keep a log of the blooming dates of the various plants in my yard (although I could also use the many images and blog posts I have generated over the years to speed up the process). Then there would be the relocation of existing plants, purchase of new perennials, and fine-tuning of the blooming schedules to keep like-hued plants near each other at the correct times via the use of my laptops and a Linksys router.

On second thought, I will just enjoy the happy accident for the moment.

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microdot said...

myself? I like all the colors all the time...I am no good at garden planning, as my wife constantly tells me. She on the other hand is always planning ahead. We snitch cuttings from garden stores, botanical gardens...we dig up plants from the wild and sometimes happy accidents occur.
My property had been used as part of a cow pasture for years, but now as I plant trees and mow the lawn...the overt bovine fertility of the land is diminishing and native plants are reappearing....
I have been very pleased and surprised at the variety of wild orchids that are beginning to appear. From what I understand, the plants can remain dormant for years until the conditions are right....
The most amazing orchid apparition was a few goat orchids...pretty amazing plants, which appeared over my septic tank this year...(the septic tank has been in place for 8 years now)
I have a few colonies of bee orchids...