Aug 24, 2010

Adam Tavel

Adam Tavel, poet, writer, and professor A quick plug for my old friend Adam Tavel, a Maryland poet, writer, and composition professor who I have known for almost a decade. Tavel has been published in a wide variety of journals and genres, and recently Tavel's work has been featured in Summerset Review.

You can also read Adam Tavel's poetry in Clarion, Poet's Quarterly, and The South Carolina Review. Tavel is also one of the finest writing editors I have ever encountered, and he taught me more than a few writing-related tricks over the years. Adam Tavel is also a bloodthirsty fantasy football competitor, but that is the subject of another post altogether.

Anyways, there is no particular point or deep meaning to this post beyond a few words of praise to a guy who deserves greater recognition as a stand-up human being. Keep plugging away, brother!


Anonymous said...

Mikey, I didn't know you hang with hippies!

historymike said...

Nah, Tavel just had a bad hair day in this photo. Actually, I think the picture is quite old, and Tavel goes through clean shaven phases as well as more bohemian stages.

Anonymous said...

I have the pleasure of having Mr. Tavel as a teacher this semester. He is such an asset to our students and along with being a fantastic teacher, his passion for literature and art is contagious. I feel very grateful to be able to learn from someone I admire and respect so much.