Aug 13, 2010

Amish at the Lake Shore

(Mackinac Island) I found intriguing the number of Amish tourists I saw during my visit to Mackinac Island today. On your left is a young Amish couple with a baby (you can see the stroller next to the man) who I encountered as I meandered along the shore of Lake Huron this afternoon.

The couple was part of a large group from Middlebury, Indiana. These folks did not seem to adhere to some of the most strict rules of some of the Old Order Amish groups: they traveled by bus, wore name brand footwear, and I even saw an Amish man sporting a Nike cap.

There were no signs of cell phones or PDAs among this group, though, so I think that the stereotypes about the resistance to technology still carry some validity. I would suggest that any Amish readers of this post feel free to weigh in on the discussion, but that presupposes an acceptance of the Internet as a permissible technology.


9258 Photo said...

My uncle used to raise horses and every year he would buy our 4H pigs from an amish man in the Wooster area. He would have to call the man during chore time because he had a phone in his barn since that was ok because he used to for business. He had a car, but he hired a driver to drive it for him. There are a lot of variations in the various sects and some are a lot stricter than others.

Jason said...

A paramedic friend of mine once showed up to a late-night or early-morning Amish child kicked by a horse; 911 had been called from the phone in the barn and it was lit by electric lamps with the soft purr of a generator humming in the background. "It's an emergency," said the owner.