Aug 3, 2010

Dark Red Sunflower

Over the past few years I have planted red sunflowers in my gardens, and I find these plants to add an interesting contrast to the lighter hues of nearby flowers. Among the red sunflowers that blossomed this year is the specimen on your left, which might be the darkest red I have ever seen in a sunflower before.

For the moment the hungry goldfinches have not begun their feeding frenzy on my red sunflowers, but this might be simply a function of quantity: I have dozens more yellow sunflowers that the goldfinches can eat, and most of these opened before the red varieties.

Regardless of the reasons, the red sunflowers are now in full bloom, and the yard is that much more enjoyable because of their presence.

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Mad Jack said...

Nice photo, Mike. I liked the shot of the finch as well.