Aug 23, 2010

Easter Lilies in Late August

Way back in April I purchased a pair of Easter lilies at a local Rite Aid store. The plants were on clearance after the holiday, and I took pity on its withering, browning leaves.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the plants had produced new stalks, and even more surprising was that a whole new series of flower heads appeared in late August. Today the Easter lilies opened, and an otherwise dreary section of the yard is now awash white brilliant white flowers.

I am not sure if the plants have been tricked into thinking it is spring, or if my gardening prowess somehow translated into super-lilies. I suspect that the former is the correct answer, and that the post-Easter planting combined with an early spring has disrupted the plant's seasonal cycles.

Yeah, I know I have been posting a lot of gardening-related material lately, but heck: political happenings are ephemeral, and history will always be there to discuss. Perennial plants that bloom out of season, though, are magical and noteworthy.


flask said...

mike, one of the things i love about your blog is posts about what's in your yard.

sometimes i'm just so darn sick of stupid politics that i want to see some nice flowers.

and not goofy flowers, either. it makes me happy when manly men (i assume a certain base level of manliness from your posts) care about their flowers.

it just makes me feel that things are going to be all right.

mud_rake said...

I recall that last year, in the middle of summer, my Amaryllis shot up a stem and bloomed after all of the others had done so in mid-winter. Who knows how Mother Nature works?

historymike said...


You are too kind, though I agree that the floral world possesses a beauty that can melt away even my deepest cynicism about the future of the world.

(flexes his manly muscles and belly flab)

historymike said...

Mud Rake:

I had to look up Amaryllis to get a better image in my head - what a cool plant! I think I will send away for a few bulbs and try them out at Château Brooks.