Aug 12, 2010

Giant Mouse of Pinconning

(Pinconning, MI) We took a side trip on our way up to Mackinac Island to visit the town of Pinconning today. Pictured on your left is a giant mouse outside of the Wilson Cheese Shoppe in Pinconning, a Michigan town noted for its cheeses.

I lived in Michigan for 25 years and traveled to the northern parts of the state more times than I could ever remember, yet I never ventured into Pinconning. As a child I pronounced the town as "PINE-cone-ing," like a verb associated with the gathering of pine cones. However, locals pronounce the place "PIN-con-ing."

Just so you know.

I think that retailers of cheese are the only businesses in which the presence of large rodents might be seen as a source of pride. The giant mouse standing guard at the Wilson Cheese Shoppe seems friendly enough, but I would not advise trying to jack him after dark.

Get it? Jack the cheese-bearing mouse? I kill me.


unmitigated me said...

Wait a minute...what happened to the giant cow??? My grandparents' house was about three blocks from that store.

Anonymous said...

The giant cow is still here! It is located south of the giant mouse and can be found outside of Williams Cheese on M-13.

Mad Jack said...

Hey, I get it! _Jack_ the cheese bearing mouse!


That's rich...

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I live in this town and find nothing worth while about it. I am totally amazed that anyone would come here willingly.