Aug 29, 2010

On Hummingbirds and Indecision

While hanging out with my dogs in the backyard this morning, I noticed what I thought was a large wasp hovering near one of my sunflowers. A closer inspection revealed that I was looking at a Ruby-throated hummingbird.

Being a photography buff, my first instinct was to grab the nearest digital camera and start snapping away. Then a paused for a moment, since my typical experience trying to photograph hummingbirds results in the hummingbird flying away before I can locate and activate my camera.

The hummingbird floated and darted among the sunflowers, evidently not finding anything worth its time. In a manner not unlike the hummingbird, I wafted between wanting enjoy the moment or to leave the scene and get a camera. The creature then drifted over to some roses, and I finally decided to take my chances on dashing into the house and locating the camera.

Luck was with me, and I managed to snap a half-dozen decent images before the hummingbird left the yard. From the picture I think this was either a female or a young male, as neither of these birds displays the bright red throat plumage from which the bird derives its common name.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pic. We have a couple Hummingbird feeders just outside the dining room window. One attaches to the window and one hangs on a shepherd's hook. We were late putting the one on the window this year and our visitors would feed at the hanging feeder than hover around the window looking for the other one. Apparently they remembered it from last year.