Aug 13, 2010

Pair of Ferries

Pictured on your left are two of the ferries that carry passengers from the Michigan mainland to Mackinac Island. I took the photograph while traveling on a different boat, and the waters in question are the northernmost of Lake Huron.

I think the image would have been more compelling had I managed to catch both water-spouting ferries in the shadow of the Mackinac Bridge, but alas: the photography gods did not permit this creative opportunity.

Even though it was hot by northern Michigan standards today (mid-80s and muggy), there were some especially cool breezes to be enjoyed on the lake. Thus, returning to the mainland meant the end of a short excursion as well as a revisiting of the summer heat.


Mad Jack said...

Nice picture. You know, one idea I have for you is to superimpose the view from a periscope on the two ships along with some Arabic writing and let the reformatted image go viral. I wonder if that would generate any hate mail?

microdot said...

I took the ferries from to Mackinac quite a few times, then on wards to St. Ignace, back and forth because I did a few bike camping trips during the 70's.
I remember being on the ferry from St. Ignace and talking to a fellow who lived on the Indian reservation and told me some tales of how relatives of his would drive from Cheboygan to St. Ignace on the ICE in the winter after the bars closed!
Some of course were never seen again. I still love Mackinac Island and the UP!

I have spent a lot of time hiking between Munising and Marquette. There is a type of salmon colored berry, in the raspberry family which grows wild along the shore...I think it is called a thimble berry because it comes off the pith like a big thimble.
They are delicious.