Aug 15, 2010

RV Towing a Hummer

Normally I am not a person who rails against people who drive gas-guzzling vehicles, as I figure if they are stupid (or wealthy) enough to shell out $3 a gallon to keep an 8-MPG vehicle on the road, it is their business. Yet I admit I gave the Hummer-towing RV a double take this afternoon when I encountered the aforementioned fuel-gulping convoy on Interstate 75 north of Bay City this afternoon.

I do not know the exact models of the vehicles in question, but I suspect that the 6-8 MPG the spacious motor home gets is considerably lessened by towing an H2 (I believe that is the model of Hummer being towed).

The presence of bicycles and a motorcycle indicate that the tourists in question have at least a passing acquaintance with vehicular gas mileage, but the owners of all these toys clearly are unconcerned with any fanypants notions of saving the planet by going green. In fact, I almost have to admire their brassiness, which comes across like a motorized "f**k you" to any environmentalists they might pass: "Yeah, not only do I drive a big honking RV, but I got a Hummer, too. Wanna take that s**t outside?"


flask said...


ostensibly one drives a hummer around because one has way too much crap to fit in something sportier.

one drives an RV because one has WAY too much crap to just go camping.

they probably live in one of those mcmansions and have nineteen rooms for two people.

those aren't sport bicycles, either, so i'm guessing the motorcycle is for getting around on and the bikes are for riding from the rv to the hummer.

i could stand to lose forty pounds, but i bet these people drive the hummer because between their fat asses and the huge wads of cash they're carrying around to flash ostentatiously everywhere they go, they won't fit in a regular-sized SUV.

Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

(Fixed for many egregious typos)

Occasionally, to satisfy my curiosity, I will indulge myself in some conservative talk-radio, you know -- to see what the other side is doing. A frequent theme on these shows when the environment is brought up is resource wastefulness. These shows get lots of callers who say they will specifically let off some diesel exhaust when passing a biker or hiker.

I'd never actually seen this until we got down to Austin and followed a giant pick-up for about 3 miles who shot a cloud of pollution at every civilian we passed.

I'm not that big on forcing people to get fuel economy vehicles either, but if that isn't "small penis syndrome", I dunno what is.

Anonymous said...

Just think how many people it took to build those things! Good job-needing Americans. You should have seen the Yugo that Professor Mike used to drive! He bought it with a credit card....

Mad Jack said...

The motorcycle I can understand. The bicycles are incongruous. I'm looking for the bumper stickers:
Insured by Smith&Wesson
McCain/Palin '08!
Buy American

and the all-time favorite,
Got money?

The RV probably gets around 10 mpg on diesel, which is a very clean running engine when it's properly maintained, and most are. You might see a 1% - 2% increase if you put the hummer in an aerodynamic trailer. The hummer gets around 15, which is surprising to me.

Yep, camping! All the comforts of a Holiday Inn motel without the usual neighbors. Well, maybe more comforts. Just imagine what these fools would do if they had to carry their camping gear for ten days in a real wilderness. If they made it, they'd have a different outlook on life when they came out.

Anonymous said...

Looks Great! I am having a hummer equipped with a Duramax motor so I can tow it behind my Prevost. Not to save fuel, just for HP

Anonymous said...

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Where is the Boat ???

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