Aug 6, 2010

Shark Cloud

I am sometimes accused of walking around with my head in the clouds. This is a charge that I would probably confess is true, though I would also argue that head-in-clouds syndrome occasionally has its own rewards.

Such was the case with the sunset images I took tonight.

Pictured on your left is a series of clouds in the western sky over southeastern Michigan this evening. The larger cloud formation reminded me of a great white shark, in small part perhaps because this is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. There are some decidedly dagger-like appendages to the cloud that resemble razored shark teeth.

The smaller cloud might be an unsuspecting red snapper about to be sent to Marine Valhalla.


Anonymous said...

The shark is upside down. If you look at it the way you took the pic, he looks like a salmon. Maybe a female salmon-- Salmon Ella.

Anonymous said...

Hey History Mike, check this out, it gave my chills. Like the ghosts have been revealed.

I'm going to go to some Civil War sites and try this effect....

unmitigated me said...

Head-in-Clouds. Sounds like your tribal name.