Aug 20, 2010

Yellow Tree Rose

We purchased a yellow tree rose from Costco this spring, and the plant has been providing amber-hued dividends all summer. At first I thought I killed the grafted plant, as I did not even see leaves until early June, but the rose tree continues to bloom with unexpected vigor.

The plant also seems more resistant to some of the rose-related diseases and pests in the area, though admittedly some of these rose problems might need a year or two to manifest themselves. I have also been hesitant to prune the plant at this early stage, so the tree looks a bit unruly at the moment, but the yellow blossoms have been just short of spectacular.


microdot said...

I want to get some tree roses as well a "tree peonies". There are some on a property near here which seem to support a number of different grafts.
They sport different colored roses from the same trunk. How they do that?
My rose buys of the year were and expensive lush red bush rose with really wild shaped petals called Victor Hugo and a really cheap pink no name climber from my local discount food market (a 3 Euro impulse buy)...would you believe the name of the chain is "Le Mutant"? probably not, but it is...
The cheap pink rose has been flowering wildly and climbing ever since I put it in on the fence on the road in the Wisteria.....

historymike said...


Creators of these rose trees use a grafting procedure where they take a lengthy stalk and root base and then graft on whatever they want to see bloom. I have seen plants advertised with four different verieties of roses, and I suspect that there might be experimenters who produce plants with even more varieties.