Sep 29, 2010

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in Northwest Ohio?

Possible Northwest Ohio sighting of the brown marmorated stink bugLeft: possible Northwest Ohio sighting of the brown marmorated stink bug

I have been reading about the rapid spread of the brown marmorated stink bug in parts of the U.S., especially along the eastern seaboard. So it was with some surprise - and a bit of trepidation - that I noticed what appeared to be a brown marmorated stink bug crawling up the siding of my house today.

The insect, also known by the scientific name of Halyomorpha halys, gives off a pungent odor when crushed, and homeowners in problem areas are having a difficult time getting rid of the pests. While the insects are not harmful and do not carry disease, their telltale aroma has frustrated many U.S. homeowners. They are attracted both to landscape lighting as well as warmth, but most folks seem to find that there are few preventive measures one can take to make a yard less attractive to these bugs.

The reason I think that this is the brown marmorated stink bug is the presence of white bands on the antennae, which is supposed to be the signifier of the species. Unfortunately, I did not think to collect the creature and ship it for analysis, but I am sending along to entomologists the photograph for study.


9258 Photo said...

I just got back from Virginia and I encountered these on my trip. Thanks to you Mike I was cautious not to squash them and made sure to swat them out of the car instead.

9258 Photo said...

Mike, I heard on the news today that they are trying to track these bugs. That there has been a lot reported in Ohio. Not sure though who they said to contact.

dodi said...

I live in Columbus, Ohio and I have encountered several of them and thanks to this post and picture I was able to easily identify the bug. The white bands were the tell tale sign.