Sep 23, 2010

Facebook Fail: Popular Social Networking Site Crashes

Left: screenshot of Facebook's DNS message to users Left: screenshot of Facebook's DNS message to users

In what is probably evidence of the popularity of the social networking site (yet an event that will likely double the productivity of American workers), Facebook has been unavailable to users for at least an hour today.

Facebook down? Perish the thought.

This comes on the proverbial heels of yesterday's outage, though the official Facebook statement (via their Twitter page) denies a connection:
We’re currently experiencing some site issues causing Facebook to be slow or unavailable for some users. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. This is unrelated to yesterday’s outage.
Judging from the hundreds of Tweets and blog posts already floating around the Internet, I suspect that "some users" is probably a number in the millions.

I began noticing slow page loading around 1:00 PM EDT, and by 2:00 PM or so the site was offline. As of this writing (4:09 PM EDT) the site remains unavailable, and the half-dozen or so people I conversed with on other sites confirmed that this is a systemic problem.


Anonymous said...

Been down since noon for me in NYC.

Mad Jack said...

And now, for all of you facebook addicts, we have some bad news... go read a book, turkey.

Somewhere there's a programmer who cleaned out his desk, told his abusive boss to go fart up a flagpole and is now enjoying a quiet laugh while watching the Internet news.

Quimbob said...

The number of error messages FaceBook cranks out is only rivaled by Micro$oft.

Molly said...

WHAT?! FB was down and I didn't even notice??! In fact I didn't see anyone on my FB feed even comment about it?? Well, anyhow, dodged that bullet. Phew! ha ha