Sep 23, 2010

On the Beaches of the Outer Banks

An acquaintance sent me a link about a house built by Carolina Designs that caught my eye, and I thought back to several trips we have taken to the Outer Banks. While the weather is still quite warm in Northwest Ohio, I have fond memories of times spent on the peaceful beaches of the Outer Banks.

Some of my favorite vacations have been those laid-back trips where there are no significant plans beyond sitting in the sun and watching the waves roll in, like a vacation a few years ago to Atlantic Beach. While there are sections of the Outer Banks that are certainly commercialized, much of the region is still relatively undeveloped: lots of uncluttered beaches and a sense of time unchanging.

Such pristine settings are more likely to be found in a Southern Shores vacation, as other stretches of the Outer Banks have become tourist meccas. I recall driving for long stretches in the Southern Shores without seeing the sort of commercial and residential sprawl associated with overdeveloped places like Nags Head.

The end of the fall semester is a long ways off for me, but for a few moments this morning I allowed myself to pine away for some time at the beaches of the Outer Banks.

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