Sep 29, 2010

On Ray Padula, Disappointing Purchases, and Poor Quality Merchandise

Ray Padula hose nozzle: creative design but cheap constructionRay Padula hose nozzle: creative design but cheap construction

Before recently purchasing a Ray Padula thumb control hose nozzle, I was just remotely aware of the multi-million dollar business that Ray Padula has developed. Since a 2007 push to enter the national retail market, Padula's company has developed 300 newly patented, patent pending, and exclusive hose-end products, according to the corporate website.

When I needed a new hose nozzle, I was intrigued by the new design on the Series R hose nozzle I saw at a local retailer. Instead of squeezing a trigger, you simply flick a lever with your thumb to turn on the water.

For the first two weeks I was quite happy with my $10 purchase, but today I learned that this hose nozzle is a poorly-constructed waste of money. I reached for the nozzle after dropping it on the ground and I noticed that the mechanism upon which the nozzle adjustment is seated had cracked.

A closer inspection showed that this mechanism is plastic, and that even a three-foot fall onto the lawn was enough force to break the nozzle adjustment device, rendering the hose nozzle worthless. The internal mechanism looked to be PVC coated with a shiny metallic finish, a far cry from the "die cast metal inner housing" the website claims for nozzle construction.

So, potential buyers beware: my experience with Ray Padula hose nozzles has been a bust. The traditional metal trigger-handled hose nozzle looks a lot more enticing right about now, and I doubt I will ever purchase a Ray Padula product again after this disappointing experience.


Anonymous said...

Chinese junk...what do you expect? Cheap Chinese junk...

Simon mcardle said...

From the uk : just spent 20 incredulous mins reading all the guff on rays website . It's total cobblers. Who is he ? Is he a famous gardener in USA. Notice that the rp brand has about 50 % of depot's listings. (ps biased I work for a uk irrigation manufacturer)

Anonymous said...

I bought this nozzle for one reason. I hate the design of other nozzles. The plastic handle always breaks at the adjusting nut. After a few months there is inevitably a leak from either the tip or the trigger. I've been using all types of nozzles my entire life to clean equipment after each milking. I've been using my nozzle for over 2 years cleaning, mixing milk replacer, even in the garden in summer. Not once has it leaked nor has the adjusting nut in front worn down to produce that classic irregular flow other nozzles develop after a month. I don't know if you bought a bum nozzle but I've never had a nozzle last even half this long.

Richard Zaagman said...

I've experienced the exact same issue after purchasing 4 nozzles, 3 of them broke. Try contacting the company regarding their "lifetime" warranty. Can't leave a message, voice box is full!!! You can't reach this company. I'm very frustrated and disappointed.