Sep 2, 2010

Out-of-Season Ditch Lily

This has been a strange year for the perennial plants around my house. Spring arrived a few weeks early, and many of our perennials appeared 8-10 days or more ahead of schedule. A few weeks ago I had some Easter lilies blooming in late August, and today I noticed another unusual event: the blooming of a ditch lily in September.

Normally the last of these flowers has blossomed by mid-July, but for some reason one of the lilies decided to grace us with a few extra orange flowers. Now, if I can just keep the dogs away from the spot to enjoy the last few orange lilies of the summer.

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Anonymous said...

Strange. Down here in Georgia our pear tree decided to bloom again after a bountiful harvest of pears. Even the branches that broke under the pressure of so many pears have bloomed. Great grandmother's saying was "Blooming out of season, trouble out of reason."