Sep 21, 2010

Two Pretty Girls

Pictured are Missy (left) and Candy (right), two rescue dogs we have adopted over the past few years. They both just returned from the grooming salon, and if I might be so vain, they are the prettiest girls around.

Of course, they had only been home an hour or so before the squirrel-chasing and grass-rolling began to tarnish their newly coiffed fur, but after all: they are just dogs.

Just glad I was able to take a picture before the canine hijinks commenced.


flask said...

mike, i love you.

i love a guy who loves his doges and his flowers and history and can string together a sentence nicely.

but don't worry; i love you the way i love my partner at the contradance on a saturday night: i may have just met him and i may never dance with him again, but for those ten minutes i'm with him, i am totally in love with him.

reading your posts i a lot like that.

historymike said...


Listen: there is plenty of ugliness and violence in the world, and lately I have been more interested in concepts like beauty and truth. If this blog nudges the world ever so slightly in the direction of beauty, then hallelujah!

Mad Jack said...

What do you mean, "just dogs"? You just wait until I tell Eddie Haskel about that crack...

Debbie G said...

Mike, they are beautiful girls and look wonderful! I can remember seeing Missy the first time with her poor coat missing in so many places, She looks loved, healthy and well now.