Sep 4, 2010


I have been experimenting this year with different plants in some shaded areas of my yard in which previous efforts to produce healthy plants have been unsuccessful. In one area under a tall pine tree I have long struggled to grow even grass, though I think the wintercreeper (pictured on your left) that I planted will break this trend.

Also known by its scientific name Euonymus fortunei radicans, wintercreeper is a hardy vine that can withstand cold winters and fairly dry conditions (though the plants are not drought resistant) and wintercreeper seems to be thriving in the shaded area under this tree. The plants fall under the category of broadleaf evergreens, and they propagate fairly easily from cuttings: several cuttings I took I simply soaked in water for an hour, planted them in moist soil, and watered regularly.

My goal is to produce a dense ground cover that will inhibit weed growth, while providing color most of the year.

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mud_rake said...

Yes, Mike, wintercreeper is the best evergreen plant for this purpose. I planted some two years ago and it is thriving well. It will even climb that tree next year.