Oct 26, 2010

October Tornado Warning - Lucas County

It seems strange to think of tornadoes in late October, but the National Weather Service just issued a tornado warning for Lucas County in Northwest Ohio. The screaming sirens reminded me that we folks at the northern end of Tornado Alley can find severe weather in all seasons.

To the southwest the skies are darkening quickly, and this storm may bring winds of 90 mph, so if you are reading this post and live near Lucas County, consider taking cover.

I am herding my dogs into the house and getting ready to relocate to the basement if this storm rolls in as predicted.


historymike said...

Went to the north and south of our house: just some heavier winds and rain, not even much thunder. Meh.

Mad Jack said...

If you'd have asked me, which you didn't, I could have told you that would happen.

LTLOP said...

Mike what you are referring to is the "God hates Findlay" effect. Almost every storm that barrels towards us from the west seems to reach a point just over the state line and then veers to the North (Detroit) and South (Findlay) smacking them in the mouth with the effects.

Quimbob said...

about 15 minutes of wind & rain in Cinti. Pretty unimpressive. The mailman might disagree, tho.
hee hee

microdot said...

Your rough weather was a sided effect of the lowest pressure reading on record for the continental USA, excluding Atlantic Hurricanes.
Cool Beans, huh?