Oct 18, 2010

On Moments of Sheer Beauty and Jackasses Who Disrupt Moments of Serenity

I paused yesterday afternoon for a few moments to appreciate to the red roses pictured on your left, a series of out-of-season blossoms from a rose bush that I may have tricked into thinking it is still growing season by extra watering. It had been a stressful and depressing week, and for a brief few moments the red roses seemed to auger the possibility of a period of better days.

I walked into the house to find my camera to record the moment, and as I snapped a few pictures I heard the sound of an approaching vehicle in need of exhaust work. It turned out to be an older model red pickup truck, and there were about five young men in the cab and the truck bed.

"Nice shirt you are wearing, faggot!" was the first words I heard, the jeering clown referencing the formal clothing I was wearing to go to a funeral a little later. Then the stupidity of the brave idiot was joined by other similar drivel from the chicken-shit occupants of the rapidly accelerating truck.

My first instinct was to throw down a challenge to the morons, but I thought that this course of action was pointless. At best I would just end up in a verbal exchange with a group of quasi-Neanderthals, and the worst case scenario would be that they would return in the middle of the night and vandalize my property.

So I watched the laughing fools drive off, continuing to shout at random people they encountered. I suspect that alcohol may have fueled the impulsivity and recklessness of the teenagers, but I was mostly disappointed in the disruption of my Zen moment. Yet the irritation soon passed, and the beauty of the red roses remained. I could choose to hold on to my resentment, or I could spend a few more minutes enjoying the warm fall afternoon with the unexpected pleasure of brilliant red roses.

I chose the latter.


Anonymous said...

Some kids yelled at me like that once when I was outside getting the mail from the roadside mailbox in my Spongebob pajama bottoms and Hawaiian shirt. They also threw a bag of Burger King packaging into the culvert in front of my house. I recognized a local high school's parking permit in the back window of their Mercedes when they went by. When I went to work I cruised (no pun intended)the area of the school until I saw the opinionated driver speeding 35/25 in a school zone a few days later and I dinged the 16 year-old with a coupon with an enhanced fine due to the school zone.

I'm not sure if he recognized me, even when I asked "What do you have against people getting their mail in Spongebob pajamas and touristy shirts?" but I recognized him. Even though I wasn't sure if he knew what time it was, I felt good in the knowledge that I helped restore the earth to spinning on its proper axis.

The high road is the only reasonable choice sometimes when you don't have a rock handy....or a pen and ticket book!

I like to think that little bastard was the same one who destroyed the mailbox on which my wife blew $90.00 at a craft show. It was a regular mailbox but the crafter glued stones and other stuff on it to make it look like a Cotswold cottage. Probably not the same kid, since he would have been about 3 years old at the time of the mailbox incident. Maybe his older brother!

unmitigated me said...

Like Mr. T, simply pity the fools.

Mad Jack said...

Anonymous - nice one. I'd like to buy you a beer sometime.

"Nice shirt you are wearing, faggot!"

You know HistoryMike, you might take a moment and think about what it's like to be as stupid as these people are. It isn't pretty and there isn't a cure for it.

I'd have thrown my beer bottle at them. But then, I'm not a professor of History with an implied reputation for genteel, civilized behavior to protect.