Nov 6, 2010

Missing His Mama

Pictured on your left is our quirky Puggle, Eddie Haskell. He is forlorn because his favorite human being, my wife, is away for the weekend, and his sole source of comfort is the last shoe my wife wore before leaving for her trip.

Truth be told, I miss my wife, too, though I draw the line at shoe-sniffing, at least as far as you know.

Eddie Haskell sulks and sighs when my wife is away for more than an hour or so, and he seems to be smart enough to know that when she takes a small suitcase out the door that his mama will be away for a while. Eddie had the prototypical "hang dog" look as she left, and no amount of extra attention from me is going to distract him much from pining away for his mama.


Jason said...

We've had a second dog for the last week (pretty much on a foster basis) and when I've been away, she's brought my wife one of my slippers; when my wife has been away, the dog brought me my wife's bra.

unmitigated me said...

My dog used to root through the laundry basket for my socks. Only MY socks. I do miss having a dog, but my daughter's new pup (right across the street!) is a good solace.

Mad Jack said...

Poor Eddy. Oh well, she'll be back soon. We hope, anyway. Otherwise her somewhat neurotic alpha hound will eventually go nuts and start chewing the furniture.