Nov 15, 2010

The Quote Shelf

Medieval text with Latin script A frequent feature on this site; feel free to comment on the quote or to supply a competing quote.

An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.

-- Mohandas Gandhi


unmitigated me said...

Gandhi and Churchill are my favorite source for great quotations. Both can be stunning in so few words.

troutbirder said...

Good thought. I'm giving up watching Fix news

microdot said...

It no longer matters who originated content.

It’s who disseminated it.

JK said...

"I had my back to the light and my face was turned towards
the things which it illumined, so that my eyes, by which I
saw the things which stood in the light, were themselves
in darkness." - Confessions (Book IV), Augustine of Hippo

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Mike,

One of the latest things I want to pass on is here in Maryland we have a new congressman, Andy Harris, here in the 1st district of Maryland. He was voted in over a one term Moderate Democratic, “Frank Kratovil,” who had beat Andy 2 years before. Andy Harris is one of the ultra right wing Republican Conservatives but in truth, he is just a bought and paid for corporate mouthpiece and influenced vote.

Well recently a delegation of the “Maryland Tea Party” visited his office in Annapolis where he is currently a State Senator. This Tea Party group started to tell him how he was going to vote on what issues because, as they felt, they were responsible for bringing him into power with their support.

Well this self-absorbed, narcissistic, corporate stogie, stood up, went to his door of his office, and politely but firmly dismissed the “Tea Party Delegation” with the statement, “I was the one elected into Congress….not you.” Basically Andy Harris told the Tea Party to “F” Off!!”

So once again the Tea Party got a slap of reality of how much real influence they have in politics and that they are nothing more than the latest to be manipulated politically through their own ignorance. Just like the “Moral Majority,” “Christian Coalition,” “Tax Payers Association,” or any others that have been duped as such; the Republicans could give a “Rat’s Ass” of what the Tea Party wants or demands.

The Tea Party is nothing more than the segway to gain political power.