Dec 1, 2010

First Snow

Nothing puts an exclamation mark on the change of seasons in quite the same manner as the first arrival of snow each winter. Folks in Northwest Ohio received a brief dusting of snowflakes today, and though fall and spring are my favorite seasons, I do look forward to the occasional accumulation of snow.

The dogs seemed a bit surprised to see the fluffy white stuff on the ground today, and they are about equally split between the frolickers and the finicky canines. Two of the dogs rather gingerly wandered out, while the two Puggles (Eddie Haskell and Chauncey Gardner) romped in the light snow like polar bears.

Me? I had to dig up the window scraper and drive a bit more slowly to work, though I allowed myself a few moments to feel a few melting snowflakes on my face, drifting back for a moment to a time when snow could mean a snow day, with limitless possibilities and a break from the school day routine.

Reality quickly returned, however, and it is back to work for me.

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