Dec 30, 2010

My New Career: Cover Model

The periodical is not exactly Vogue (or even People) but I can hold my head high and proudly announce that my ugly mug has made the cover of at least one magazine.

I was contacted by an editor of Obesity: A Research Journal for an upcoming issue dedicated to sleep apnea. The editors had scoured the Internet looking for a photograph they could use of a patient wired for a sleep study, and they came across a blog post last year in which I discussed my own sleep study experience. We negotiated the terms (admittedly light years away from the sort of cash commanded by supermodels) and voila! Instant cover model status for yours truly.

Though I am about 20 pounds overweight today, at the time of the photo I was only about 10 pounds beyond my ideal weight. Luckily, the upward angle of the self-held camera made me look considerably pudgier, but a 2010 photo of me would be much more appropriate in terms of heftiness than this image.

And to those who chuckle and scoff: exactly how many covers has your face graced? I thought so.


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Mike,
New Career as Cover Model…..Oh Yea Baby…..Work It, Work It, Work It!!! You know what the camera loves….. :-)

Happy New Year Mike and let's hope for a much better one in 2011 my friend.

Tim Higgins said...


Will this qualify as your fifteen minutes?

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