Jan 22, 2011

Crescent-Less Rolls

Pictured on your left is an example of the hazards of attempting to cook breakfast before drinking the first cup of coffee in the morning. I thought I would surprise my wife with breakfast this morning, but I neglected to actually shape the little crescent rolls I baked.

The particularly funny part was when I was peeking into the toaster oven and wondering why the rolls were not rising in the usual manner. Luckily it dawned on me what I had done, and at least I was able to avoid over-cooking the now-flattened flaky bread.

The end result was a thin-but-flavorful bread product with more of that crispy exterior, though less of the soft, fluffy interior bread. I also took my eye off the bacon, winding up with extra-crispy slices, though in my defense I think the Kroger-brand bacon I bought was a grade or two below ideal in quality.

At least the eggs were error-free.


Anonymous said...

But I enjoyed it thoroughly! Thank you so much for all you do for me.

flask said...

you know mike, i would never look a gift breakfast in the mouth.

...or something like that.

Mad Jack said...

The bacon's burned and the eggs don't look so hot either. Still, food's food.

microdot said...

the little triangle thingies actually look good, but what would I know? I think that I'm French.