Jan 8, 2011

On Nicolas Cage and His Pyramid Tomb


(New Orleans, LA) While sightseeing in New Orleans at some of the above-ground cemeteries, I stumbled onto a curious pyramid-shaped tomb with the Latin phrase OMNIA AB UNO ("everything from one") carved on it.

The tomb - which is as yet unfilled - is owned by noted actor Nicolas Cage. Folks around New Orleans have quite a few theories about the tomb and Mr. Cage, and I was unable to determine a consensus opinion about the tomb. Some New Orleans residents hate it, some love it, but nearly everyone agrees that Cage at least has one item that the IRS cannot touch in its quest to seize the wealth of Nicolas Cage for back taxes and penalties.

One conspiracy-theory aficionado I spoke with hinted that Cage is a closet Mason, though I suspect the Masonic imagery in the pyramid tomb owes more than a passing nod to the National Treasure series.


unmitigated me said...

I will never understand how the rich and famous manage to NOT employ enough CPAs to file their damn taxes on time and correctly. At the very least, you'd think they would employ someone who was a master of tax sheltering! The tomb gets a definite "meh" from me. It's not attractive, but it is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see a really poor actor, and Cage is one, in my opinion, I have to wonder: "Who is this shnook related to?" Sure enough, much more often than not, I find out that daddy is "somebody" in Hollywood. Another example is the really bad actress who played Michael Corleonne's daughter in "The Godfather Part Trois". Yech....that family has some crappy acting skills. They're apparently even worse in the architecture and monument design department.

Sherlette said...

Agreed - but Sofia Coppola is much better as a director, producer and screen writer, IMO.

Anonymous said...

omnia ab uno et in unum omnia

Jeremiah Corey said...

Nic Cage is one of those people who can be Jim Carey and Chuck Norris at the same time hilarious but collected