Jan 12, 2011

On Ray Padula and Excellent Customer Service

Last September I penned a post about my purchase of a Ray Padula thumb control hose nozzle. I liked the operation of the innovative sprayer, but the device broke after a three-foot fall, and I was disappointed at what I thought might be poor workmanship.

I recently received an email from the Ray Padula customer service folks, and after reading my post they offered to send me a new nozzle. I thanked them, gave them my address, and promptly forgot about the exchange after I went on vacation.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Ray Padula people sent me not one but three replacement nozzles. The dedication to customer service exhibited by Ray Padula Incorporated was far above and beyond what most normal companies would do in this situation, as most corporations would simply ignore the comments of a blogger.

Thus, in fairness, I felt it appropriate to post about my positive experience with Ray Padula, Inc., and that the superior customer service has created a ton of goodwill in me as I make future decisions on gardening and landscaping products. Any company that will go this far out of the way to keep a customer happy is a company worth doing business with.

Thanks, Ray Padula!


Anonymous said...

Has Ray Padula folded up his business? I certainly am not receiving similar customer service.

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