Feb 16, 2011

On Winter Daffodils and Seasonal Blahs

I have been beset by a significant mental funk of late; I am not sure if this is a pronounced case of a seasonally-induced blues, or if I am just passing through a low level depressive phase. I do not much feel like writing, and most of my energy gets sucked up by work, though I should be grateful that I am not falling behind in the classes I teach during this spell.

In order to jar myself out of my melancholia, I purchased some daffodils at the store the other day. The flowers almost called out to me, and for a brief moment the fog lifted as I loaded them into my shopping cart.

I wish I could say the flowers brought me immediate joy, but this is not the case. Still, seeing some life in the middle of a rather dreary winter cannot hurt, and perhaps these flowers will last long enough for the first crocuses to appear next month.

I planted about 250 bulbs from a variety of tulips, daffodils, and irises last fall. This alone should be reason enough not to stick my head in the gas oven (sorry: this is not a suicide hint, just a bit of gallows humor).

Springtime: you cannot arrive soon enough.


Anonymous said...

And I thought the daffodils were for me! You know how I LOVE daffodils :}

microdot said...

Oh how I hate to tell you, Mike, I have daffodils blooming outside my door and violets, primroses and those little irises....but then you can have your last laugh because snow is predicted for this week end...
I hate winter and my sister just sent me a recent picture of the house in Detroit we grew up in with the traditional 3 or 4 foot snow banks at either side of the drive way.....It was so depressing!

Mad Jack said...

Start an argument over a ball with Chauncey Gardner. Hitch up all fourteen dogs to individual leashes and take them for a walk around the neighborhood. Encourage them to crap on the neighbor's front walk - the neighbors you don't care for and are a pain in the royal venochie.

Explain to Mrs. HistoryMike that you need cheering up and tell her you're out of ideas. She'll think of something.